Our Principals The principals of the managing member are Harry and Ben Braunstein. For over 35 years, Harry and Ben Braunstein have a proven track record; identifying, acquiring, upgrading, leasing, financing, managing and selling various types of real estate properties. Throughout their career they have been responsible for over $500,000,000 in Real Estate acquisitions through more than 50 private placement offerings; individual and joint venture acquisitions; over $350,000,000 in mortgage placements as principals and through their affiliated commercial mortgage brokerage business; the sale of over $700,000,000 in gross sales value of commercial properties including the conversion of over 70 multi-family buildings to cooperative and condominium ownership, both as principals and through their affiliated real estate brokerage company for third party sponsors.

Harry Braunstein


Harry Braunstein has been involved in virtually all phases of the commercial real estate world for more than forty years. He has acted as attorney, principal, lender, and advisor for retail, multi-family, and office properties for many years. Harry Braunstein was admitted to the New York and Federal bar in 1975 and practiced with the Wall Street law firm Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. for over twenty years, ultimately becoming head of the real estate group before leaving and establishing his own firm. Harry currently has an active commercial law practice, Braunstein Turkish LLP, which specializes in transactional real estate, commercial lending, private placements, mergers and acquisitions, and franchise law.

In the banking sector, Harry, most recently, was a substantial shareholder in and the Chairman of the Board of, Gotham Bank of New York, a commercial bank and member of the Federal Reserve located at 1412 Broadway in the heart of Manhattan. Prior to taking on his role as Chairman, Harry was a director and sat on the board’s loan committee for over 20 years. Gotham Bank was sold to Provident Bank, a subsidiary of Provident New York Bancorp (NYSE: PBNY) in August of 2012 and in April of 2013 Provident Bank acquired Sterling National Bank. (NYSE: STL). Harry is currently serving on the New York advisory board of Sterling.


Ben Braunstein


Ben Braunstein has been operating the Braunstein’s real estate investments for over thirty years and has ensured that investor capital is being diligently safeguarded. As the direct point person with investors, tenants and lenders, Ben’s in depth operational knowledge of the respective investments separates him from those who utilize third party managers and focus only on the acquisition side. With a long track record of successful real estate acquisitions, management, sales, leasing, and commercial mortgage brokerage, Ben has ensured that all investments made are given the chance to perform at the highest level possible. In 1980, Ben as President spear headed the formation of Harben Management Co. and HK Benjamin Realty Corp.. By the late 1980’s, Harben was managing the Braunstein’s portfolio of over 5,000 apartments as well as commercial and retail properties. During that time Ben, through HK Benjamin, orchestrated and oversaw the conversion of more than 4000 apartment units to co-op and condominium ownership as well as new development sales for both its in-house properties and for third party owners. At its peak, H.K. Benjamin had over 250 sales people in nine real estate offices involved in general sales and leasing for residential and commercial properties in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island as well as onsite sales offices in the New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey markets. Ben and Harry sold H.K. Benjamin in 1992. The Braunsteins’ assets are now in-house managed by Realty Resource Capital Corp. of which Ben is president.


Years of operating residential and commercial properties have equipped Ben with the knowledge necessary to underwrite investments with realistic assumptions that can actually be borne out in the real world over time. Realty Resource also remains active in the placement of traditional investment property financing and “high yield” bridge loans.


Ben is a New York State Licensed real estate broker and a long standing member of the New York State and Long Island Board of Realtors, The International Council of Shopping Centers and the Mortgage Bankers Association of New York.

For further information you may contact Ben Braunstein at:

bbb@realtyresourcecapital.com or 516-942-5900